Story as Psychic GPS

Face it: you are lost in the deep, dark woods. You must become a simpleton, a dummling who bumbles forward, naively curious and goal-less. It’s as if three feathers have been tossed into the wind. Honor story and you will know to follow the feather that leads to a downward path. Trust that you will eventually return to the upper world. Trust the underground toads, hags and strange creatures that you meet (probably not on your LinkedIn list) and accept their unusual gifts to you. They have your best interest at heart. Honor dreams and synchronicity. Their metaphors promise wild hare tangents that go into the weaving of the beautiful tapestry that is you. You will then be presented with tests and tasks fit for a hero or heroine. This is the “just do it” of the unconscious realm. Consult your psychic GPS and tap into story. Heaven only knows what will happen next. Think of it this way: while human consciousness is a good thing, is not the subtle mysterious design woven into story better?