Texas 23rd

The Lord is my cowboy; I ain’t never gonna hafta do without.

He makes me lay down in fields of sweet seed oats.                                                                                             

He leads me down to the crick that ain’t stirred in a coon’s age.

He rides herd on me and toughens me up.                                                                                                           

 He leads me down the best trails, ‘cause He lives up to His good name.

Even though I’m heading toward boot hill, I ain’t afeared ‘cause You’re ri’t cheer beside me.             

Having You watch over me makes me kick back and take life real easy-like.

You lay out a spread of vittles ‘long side the ornriest no-count snakes in the grass.                                     

You treat me like company.                                                                                                                                                     

 My water trough runs plumb over with pure, livin’ water.

Sure ‘nuff and Lorda mercy, Your heart is chockfull of trusty love.                                                                          I reckon You’re gonna keep track of me all my bygone days.

Su casa is mi casa till us cows come home.